Society of Beer Travelers partners with Uber

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Greetings fellow travelers. Today I have some exciting news on added membership benefits and our new partnership with global transportation service Uber.

Since beer travelers constantly find themselves drinking beers in new cities it can sometimes to be difficult to arrange transportation from your drinking destination to your end destination.

Many big cities have good public transit systems, but a lot of them shut down at night. You could call a cab, but it is hard to know which ones are good when you aren’t from the area, you never know how long it is going to take, and if you don’t have cash paying a driver becomes a real hassle.

Uber’s black car service  addresses all of these issues while being a constant service throughout the the country as they are now in 43 US cities. With the Uber smart phone app you can:

  • See how many cars are near your current location.
  • Book a car from your phone.
  • Track the progress of your car in real time.
  • Pay the driver from the credit card on file. All you have to do is sign.

Uber makes getting a ride as easy as possible. I couldn’t think of a more perfect partner for the Society of Beer Travelers, so as a member you will get a $20 off your first ride when you sign-up for Uber the coupon code found on the Member Benefits page. You can use this credit in any US city where they have cars.

Where is Uber available? Glad you asked. Here is a list of the cities they currently serve (many of which have a big craft beer presence): Uber’s US Cities

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