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But wait, there’s more…

So you thought you got a pretty good deal. For $45 you got a sweet t-shirt, a smart phone app that literally guides you to beer, a water proof note book to record your travels in, and an online system to track and share said travels on. But wait, there’s more. The Society of Beer […]

Intro to the BreweryMap App

We are all pilgrims on the same journey – but some pilgrims have better road maps. – Nelson DeMille Like any other form of travel it pays to be prepared when beer traveling. For some this means meticulously planning and plotting your visits while for others it means being ready for spontaneity. Whether you identify […]

How to Get Started Beer Traveling

When my Maria and I first hit the road three years ago to pursue the great American adventure we didn’t have any intention of going on a country wide brewery tour. We liked craft beer and had even made a couple batches of home brew with friends, but couldn’t have imagined it would become something […]

Designing the Beer Travel Passport

This week Maria and I launched a new project that is near and dear to our hearts: The Society of Beer Travelers. It is place where like minded people can come together and share their stories and experiences. When you join the group you also get the Beer Travel Starter Kit which includes the BreweryMap […]

It’s Alive!

March 11, 2014 The Society of Beer Travelers is a new community made for people who seek out local beer when they travel. With the booming popularity of craft beer and the large number of breweries in the US you can find local beer practically everywhere you go. Seeking out new beer spots when you […]

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