Beer Travel Starter Kit


A Society of Beer Travelers membership will help get you on your way to beer travel adventure. The kit makes sure you can easily find new breweries, keep notes about your visits, leave your mark, and look good while you do it. Not to mention you join a community of passionate and knowledgeable beer travelers.

The Beer Travel Starter Kit includes:
+ BreweryMap app
+ Beer Travel Passport
+ Society of Beer Travelers shirt
+ Society of Beer Travelers sticker
+ Personal profile page to track your beer travels

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BreweryMap App
This app is an absolute must for the craft beer lover that finds themselves traveling frequently. With a growing database of over 4,000 breweries and brew pubs the app can find all the breweries within a defined radius of your current location. It even has a road trip feature where you define your beginning and end destination and it will plot the course and all the breweries on your path.
(iPhone only. Kits are available without the app option.)

Beer Travel Passport
This pocket notebook is the perfect way to keep track of your beer travels exploits. Printed on heavy duty paper this sturdy notebook allows you to keep track of your beer destinations with enough room to takes notes, draw a sketch, or collect stickers.

Society of Beer Travelers T-Shirt
Hand printed on soft Next Level tri-blend cotton these shirts show your allegiance to the pursuit of beer travel. The back sports the hashtag #beertravel to spread the word of your new lifestyle.

Society of Beer Travelers Sticker
Durable 3″ x 3″ stickers are custom cut out of white vinyl. Perfect for marking off destinations in your passport, leaving your mark at a beer destination, or pimping out your kegerator.

Beer Traveler Profile Page
The Beer Travel Profile page is the perfect way to track your beer travels and plot the places you want to go. Not only can you map the places you’ve been but you can add notes, pictures, videos, and links to share the experience with others. It’s a great way for bloggers and photographers to share their adventures and link back to their sites.


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