Keeping Your (Beer) Cool in the Summer!

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It’s July and for most us that means we are in the hottest stage of year. It’s that time of year when big beer and craft beer lovers can both appreciate an ice cold beer on a hot day. Preventing a beer from warming up is a constant battle especially when you are enjoying them outdoors. The elements can be brutal on your frosty beverage as heat and humidity can warm up a cold beer in an instant.

It’s not an easy task to keep 12 ounces cool enough to still enjoy the bottom 1/3. Craft beer has a slight advantage over light lagers that need to be drank quicker to avoid tasting the beverage. Many craft beers they will open up and get better as they warm…to a certain point. Anything above room temperature will alter your beer’s flavor for the worse.

Thus the koozy was invented. It provides a small totem of insulation, padding in case of collision, and most importantly it keeps moisture from forming on the vessel. Condensation is actually a bigger factor for heat loss than straight heat and explains why beers warm up quicker in humid climates.

Koozies are must for outdoor activities so having plenty around is always a good idea, but what do you do when you want to enjoy one of your big bottles of craft brew outside. Well if you have a couple of collapsible foam koozies lying around (and who doesn’t) you can make your own bomber koozy.


1. Stretch one over the bottom of your bottle.
2. Cut a 2” slit in the bottom of second coozie.
3. Turn upside down and slide it over the top of the bottle with the neck going through the newly created slit.

Now you can bring your big boys outdoors while preserving a couple of degrees and provide some padding should you be carrying them somewhere before you drink.

And because these are perfect size for splitting a beer on hike, remember to pack out what you pack in.

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