How to Add a Beer Destination to Your Map

Adding new beer destinations is as simple as filling out a form. This little tutorial will show you how to add a new destination complete with pictures, videos, and links so you can share your experience.


Beer-Detsinations-page-tut1. Click the Add New option in the Beer Destinations tab.

2. Name your beer destination. This can be the name of a brewery, beer bar, or even a fest.

3. Add some notes about your trip and/or embed a link if you already wrote about it on another website.

4. Map it. Enter the address of your destination and click the “Find” button.

5. Mark whether this is a place you’ve visited or place you would like to visit.

6. Add pictures. Click the “Add Entry” button to upload a new image.

7. Add a video. If you have a Vimeo or YouTube video you would like to add paste your embed code here.

8. You can add a description for video as well.

9. Publish!

That’s it. Your new beer destination will now show up on the map. When someone clicks it they will see you notes, images, and videos.

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