Father’s Day Sale…because your Dad deserves better than another tie.

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Fathers-Day-bannerEvery year fathers around the country add to their collection of ties from well their meaning offspring. It’s not that the children are lazy but uninspired. Dad’s usually have a line like “don’t get me anything, just hanging out with you is enough”.

Well instead of doing the standard this, why not give your old man a gift he can use through out the year. We are discounting our Beer Travel Starter Kits for Father’s Day by $10 if you use this code at checkout if you order by June 10: dadslikebeer

Even better is that if you won’t actually be seeing your Dad on Father’s Day you can send it as a gift and send it straight to him and set up his Beer Travel Profile so everything is ready when he receives it. You’ll be the favorite child while your other siblings look upon you with envy.

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