Customizing your profile information

Your profile information currently consists of your name, your location, your website (if applicable), your bio, and your twitter account (if applicable).

This short tutorial will show you how to edit each so your profile is unique to you.

1. Hover the Society of Beer Travelers link in the upper left corner of the website and click the Dashboard option from the drop down.

2. From the Profile tab you can edit most of the information on your profile page.

3. First name and last name.

4. Display name: You can choose from any of the names you have already provided or create a new one by changing the Nickname field.

5. Email: If you ever need to change your email address this is the place to do it. (Emails are not displayed publicly)

6. Website URL: Include a link to website if you have one that is appropriate for sharing.

7. Bio: This is where you can tell visitors about yourself and why you beer travel.

8. If you want to change your password enter the new password in the field and then again in the Repeat new password slot.

9. Add your Twitter handle (if applicable) using the full url of your profile.

10. Instagram: This feature is not hooked up yet but you enter your Insatgram ID for future use.

11. Hometown location: Let viewers know where your base of operations is. (Don’t use your home address, but rather your home city, province, etc.)
11a. Once you have typed in your city click the “Find” button.
11b. Some of our members might not have a permanent home in which case you case just type in whatever you your status (ie On the road) but don’t click “Find”

12. Finally, click the Update Profile button. Your changes won’t show up unless you do this.

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