Beer Travel Profiles are Live!

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The last piece of the Beer Travel Starter Kit is now up and ready to help you track your beer travels and share them with everyone. The Beer Travel Profile is an online record of your beer travel experiences. With the profile you can:

  • Add beer destinations to a map so you can see where you have been and plot where you want to go.
  • You can include notes, images, videos, and links for each location to share the experience.
  • You can link to your profile from your website, blog, or social media.
  • You can customize your profile’s avatar, public name, your location, bio, and include links to your website and twitter if you want.

These profiles can be shared with your friends and family even if they aren’t Society members. This is great for businesses, bloggers, and social media users as it can enhance your online presence by showing where you’ve been and linking back to any content you have created or photos you have taken.

The layout makes it easy to get an idea of the beer traveler’s interests, goals, and regional familiarity.
Here’s an example of The Roaming Pint’s Beer Travel Profile.


1. Destinations visited

2. Wishlist destinations

3. Custom Avatar

4. Custom title

5. Base of operations

6. Website link

7. Twitter link

8. Bio

9. Add a friend

10. Extended profile


Within each beer destination the traveler can record (1) notes, (2) media, and (3) links from their visits.

If you are a Society of Beer Travelers member you can also add friends from the community to stay up to date on their travels and learn about different beer regions.

The Beer Travel Profile is pretty much the ultimate record of your beer travels and can give viewers an instant idea of where you have been and what you enjoy. Moreover it can connect you like minded travelers and even help you remember places you want to visit.

If you want to join the Society of Beer Travelers and get started tracking your beer adventures you can sign up here: Beer Travel Starter Kit
If you are already a member please see the Getting Started page for details on how to set-up your Beer Travel Profile.

So let’s get started mapping our adventures!



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