Schlafly Beer

We visited the Schlafly Taproom in April of 2013. On our path from Florida back to our home state of Kansas we had the opportunity to stop in St. Louis and visit a staple in it’s craft beer scene. Ever since the sale of Anhesuer Busch, to the world eating conglomerate InBev, St. Louis has seemed to blossom as a prime area to start a brewery. Within the last couple of years Four Hands Brewing, Perennial Artisan Ales, Urban Chestnut, and others have secured space and made names for themselves with their unique and innovative brews. But before the recent renaissance of beer there was the St. Louis Brewery and the Schlafly Beer brand.

We visited the tap room on a Friday afternoon to meet up with Schalfly’s media coordinator, Troika Brodsky, for lunch and ended up getting a short history lesson of the brewery. The Taproom is the original facility that the company occupied in 1991 in the model of a

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