Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery

We have visited Mountain Sun multiple times since 2008 and most recently visited their 2 other locations, Vine Street Pub and Brewery in Denver and Southern Sun Pub and Brewery in Boulder in September 2011. This is easily one of our favorite breweries in Colorado because it feels like a home away from home. We’ve always thought this brewery has a very similar vibe/local feel like our hometown favorite Free State Brewing Co. From day one they’ve had the following mission:

To provide five-star service, fresh, high quality pub fare and finely crafted brews for affordable prices in an environment that’s comfortable like your living room.

Although you won’t find TVs in this living room, the brewery does provide a whole cabinet of games like checkers, Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble to help keep you entertained. Mountain Sun first opened their doors in…

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